Developing a project#

When you start developing a Plone project, it is recommended that you use Plone's cookiecutter boilerplate generator. See Install Plone from its packages for more information.

The generator will output the project folder structure. It is organized in three folders named frontend, backend, and devops, each of which corresponds to its primary use. It also contains the convenience Makefile commands to perform all the usual actions while developing.

Add-on first approach#

Developing for Plone's frontend means to add code to a Volto project. The frontend files of the project are created in the frontend folder. The generator also creates a default add-on in the frontend/src/addons folder. The project is already configured to use this add-on. Add your code and customizations to this add-on, and Volto will load them on start up or a restart. This add-on is configured as a theme add-on, so you are able to customize the look and feel of your site as well.

See also

For more information about how to develop a Volto project as an add-on, see Volto Add-ons Development.