Add-on Internationalization#

The internationalization workflow is the same as in main Volto: you develop your add-on, then add the translations to your code. See Creating i18n Strings for how to mark strings and phrases as translatable.

Your add-on has a locales folder with a .pot file.

  1. Create the following structure in your add-ons locales folder for every language you want to support. As an example for the language Italian:

        └── volto.po
  2. Run yarn i18n in the context of your add-on.

  3. Go to each .po file in your locales folder, and write the translations for each translation literal.

In the context of your project, run yarn i18n to merge the add-on translations with the ones of your project.

Override translations#

The workflow allows you to override translations from your project scope, so the project translations "always win".