Through-the-web (TTW) theme customization#


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TTW customization is useful when you need to make small CSS changes. Theme changes can be made via control panels or by updating Plone 6 Classic UI's custom.css. Other theming methods should be used for larger customizations or entire website designs.

Control panels#

You can make the following changes through control panels.

  • Logo

  • Favicon

  • Custom CSS in custom.css

With custom.css, you can make custom styles without compilation. It is shipped as the last resource after all other CSS files. It can be used to override default CSS, sometimes with the use of the CSS property !important or specific CSS selectors.


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CSS variables#

Plone uses Twitter Bootstrap's CSS variables. They are used to tweak colors, fonts, spacing, and other CSS attributes.


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Theming control panel#

The Theming control panel is limited to downloading and uploading themes.


Restricted python#

Content types#