Control panel#

The Caching control panel in Plone's Site Setup supports a granular control of caching operations for a Plone site.

Caching Control Panel

This control panel consists of four main tabs:

Change settings#

Where you can control caching behaviour, it contains five fieldsets:

Global settings#

For global options, such as turning caching on or off.

Caching proxies#

Where you can control Plone's use of a caching proxy, such as Varnish or a CDN.

In-memory cache#

Where you can control Plone's use of in-memory cache.

Caching operation#

Where caching rulesets (hints about views and resources used for caching purposes) can be associated with caching operations.

Those either intercept a request to return a cached response, or modify a response to add cache control headers.

This is also where rulesets for legacy page templates (created through the web or the portal_skins tool) are configured.

Detailed settings#

Where you can configure parameters for individual caching operations.

Import settings#

Where you can import pre-defined profiles of cache settings.

Purge caching proxy#

Where you can manually purge content from a caching proxy.

This tab only appears if you have purging enabled under Change settings.

RAM cache#

Where you can view statistics about and purge the RAM cache.