GitHub administration#

This chapter describes how repositories under the Plone GitHub organization are managed.

Repository topics#

To find repositories and their purpose within the Plone organization, a set of topics are used for repositories within the Plone GitHub organization. The following topics are in use.


repositories that are required by both Volto and Classic UI projects


specific repositories that are required by Volto, but not Classic UI, projects

volto add-ons

repositories that are not part of the default Volto installation, but extend its functionality

classic ui

counterpart to volto tag

classic ui add-ons

counterpart to volto add-ons tag


repositories that have documentation


repositories related to the training documentation


repositories used for maintaining Plone servers


tools and applications needed to orchestrate Plone

Manage topics#

To update the topics of a GitHub repository, go to the repository's URL, such as, and click on the gear icon on the About section on the right side of the screen.

On the modal that opens up, fill the topics on the Topics field.