Locking support#

Content edit locking feature is to prevent simultaneous conflicting edits of the same content. If the editor forgot to press Save or Cancel explicit unlocking must be performed on locked objects if you want to modify them.

Volto provides support for Plone's locking feature, but you need to enable the plone.locking behavior on your Dexterity content types first. You can do that in Plone's control panel or using the GenericSetup facilities.

  1. Log-in as Site Administrator and click Personal tools in the left Toolbar

  2. Go to Site Setup -> Dexterity Content Types, select the content type.

  3. Go to Behaviors

  4. Select the Locking (Locking support for dexterity) behavior

  5. Save


Volto locking support features include:

  • Automatically Lock any content (except Plone site object) on Edit

  • Automatically Unlock any content (except Plone site object) on Save / Cancel

  • Possibility to Unlock locked content by another user, if needed.