Folder structure#

Volto is based on React, Redux, and React-Router. All of the code is located in the src folder. The following convention for locating resources is used.


actions contains all the Redux actions for fetching all backend data like content, users and external resources that are pulled into our app in general.


components contains all the views. This includes views for the management interface and the theme.


In this folder all configuration is stored. All configuration can be overridden in your theme package.


The constants contain all constants including the action types.


helpers contains helper methods like for example url helpers.


All the reducers are located here.


The theme folder lives in the root of the Volto boilerplate and by default uses the Pastanaga Theme look and feel.

Inside you can find the theme.config file that is used to set the theme general settings.

The site customizations also should be located inside this folder following Semantic UI folder naming.

  • assets

  • collections

  • elements

  • globals

  • modules

  • views


The locales folder contains all the artifacts relating to the translations. For more details how to translate individual strings, please refer to the internationalization section.