Upgrade add-on products#

This chapter describes the steps to migrate your third party products.

  • Shut down your Plone server instance.

  • If you pinned versions of third-party products in your buildout.cfg or other configuration files, such as Products.PloneFormGen = 1.7.17, update these references to point to the new versions.


    Without pinning, such as specifying Products.PloneFormGen without a version number, your build tool, buildout or make, will pick the newest version of the products by default.

  • Run your build tool. Wait until all new software is downloaded and installed.

  • Start Plone again. Your site may look weird, or even be inaccessible, until you perform the next step.

  • Navigate to the Add-on screen by adding /prefs_install_products_form to your site's URL. Upgrade products if you can. Upgradeable products would be those that support both your current and new versions of Plone.

  • Perform product-specific upgrade procedures, if any. You will find these in the documentation of each product.

If /prefs_install_products_form is unreachable, and you are using Plone 5.0.x or earlier, you should try doing the add-on upgrades from the Management Interface. Navigate to the portal_quickinstaller in the Management Interface at /portal_quickinstaller/manage_installProductsForm, and reinstall or upgrade products that are shown to be outdated.

Deprecated since version 5.1: portal_quickinstaller was deprecated in Plone 5.1, and was removed in Plone 6.0. See PLIP 1775 and Do Not Use portal_quickinstaller for Plone 5.1 and later.


Be careful when updating add-ons through the Management Interface. It may show outdated themes as well, with a hint to update. If you do that, the updated theme will activate itself, overriding your current theme. If this happens, re-enable your theme in the theming panel.