Plone has the concept of configurable actions called portal_actions. Each action defines an id, a title, the required permissions, and a condition that will be checked to decide whether the action will be available for a user. Actions are sorted by categories.

Actions can be used to build user interface elements that adapt to the available actions. An example is the Plone toolbar where the object_tabs (view, edit, folder contents, sharing) and the user_actions (login, logout, preferences) are used to display to the user only those actions that are allowed for the currently logged in user.

The available actions for the currently logged in user can be retrieved by calling the @actions endpoint on a specific context. This also works for unauthenticated users.

Get Actions#

Query function#

Use the getActionsQuery function to get the query for fetching the actions at a given path.


Use the useGetActions hook to get the actions at a given path.


  • path: string

    • Required: Yes