AppExtras component#

Changed in version 17.11.6: Added the ignore property.

Changed in version 16.30.3: Added the ignore property.

The AppExtras component is a general use insertion point for things like analytics, general purpose code spanning the whole application or third party services code. AppExtras component inserts will be rendered by the App component.

How to use it#

You can either use it by overriding it via component shadowing by placing a custom src/customizations/components/theme/AppExtras/AppExtras.jsx...

Or you can use the new key of config.settings, the appExtras. This is a list of registrations, each registration is an object with:

  • match: The match key is for objects compatible with react-router's matchPath. It can be either a string or a match object.

  • ignore: The ignore key is for routes compatible with the react-router's matchPath property, and ignores all the results in the ignore rule. It can be either a string or a match object.

  • component. Use the component to link the component to be used.

  • props: Extra props to be injected into the actual component used.

For example:

import { settings as defaultSettings } from '@plone/volto/config'

export settings = {
  appExtras: [
      match: '',
      component: GoogleAnalyticsPing
      props: {
        'google-tag': '123456'
      match: {
        path: '/blogs',
        exact: true,
      component: WordClouds
      path: '/blog/**/edit',
      component: ExtraToolbarButton,
      match: {
       match: '/frontpage',
       ignore: '/frontpage/images',
      component: FrontPage

The above example will apply the rules to their respective routes.

  • Insert a Google Analytics tag everywhere.

  • Insert the WordClouds component to the /blogs route.

  • Insert the ExtraToolbarButton component when editing objects under the path /blog/**/edit.

  • Insert the FrontPage component to the frontpage route, except under /frontpage/images.