Classic UI theming based on Barceloneta#


This page is only an outline and needs a lot of work. See

  • Use of SCSS

  • Colors, fonts, and sizes via variables is changeable

  • Properties for shadows, rounded corners, gradients.

  • plonetheme.barceloneta npm package for includes

  • bobtemplates.plone template

  • Theming is based on Twitter Bootstrap 5

  • We use Bootstrap markup in templates

  • We use Bootstrap components wherever possible

  • Most of the look and feel can be changed via Bootstrap's variables

  • Hint: order is important in SCSS

Theme package#

  • Generated theme package can be uploaded as a .zip file.

Theme structure#


  • Basics required for backend


  • Barceloneta theme basics

npm package#

  • npm package with files required for Plone

  • dependencies required by theme to compile

Bootstrap components#

  • Default components are extended with some custom components, such as a select or dropdown menu.

  • We use Boostrap variables in these cases.

Add-ons and templates#

Make life easy with...

  • use Bootstrap markup

  • use Bootstrap components

  • use Bootstrap variables