In this part of the documentation, you can find how to try Plone and how to choose an installation method if you want to develop in Plone.

Getting started#

Choose an installation method#

Developers may choose to install Plone from either the official container images or packages.


The Plone 6 container images are compliant with the Open Container Initiative (OCI). They should work with any OCI-compliant container engine for developing, managing, and running Plone 6 images. Two popular options include podman and Docker.

The Plone 6 images have all the system requirements, pre-requisites, and Plone 6 already installed, except those requirements needed for running the container engine itself.

This option is the quickest method to install and develop for Plone 6 and its packages.


There may be some cases where using a Plone 6 image and containers is not practical or desired.

  • You use an SQL database that is not PostgreSQL.

  • You develop custom applications, themes, and add-ons for Plone.

  • You use a deployment workflow that has specific requirements.

For these situations, Plone 6 may be installed from its packages.

It might be a challenge if you bump up against system requirements, or need to resolve conflicts between required packages.

This method takes longer than using containers.

System Requirements#

System requirements depend upon your choice of installation method.