Resync translations#

This chapter discussions how to resynchronize translations in both the backend and frontend, and how to make releases for each.

Resync translations in the Plone backend#

Plone PO files need to be updated each time a new string is added into the Plone interface or each time one of those strings is updated. Those translations are not only used in Plone Classic UI, but many of them are also exposed through the REST API to Volto.

Usually the Plone Translations Team updates these PO files. Here we will explain the procedure to update them.

  1. Clone the relevant branch of buildout.coredev corresponding to the Plone version you want to update.

  2. Initialize the buildout.

  3. Run buildout using the experimental/i18n.cfg file:

    ./bin/buildout -c experimental/i18n.cfg
  4. Run the i18n-update-all script:


    The script will go through Plone source code and will update all pot and po files in the package.

  5. Commit the changes and push back to GitHub:

    cd src/
    git add plone
    git commit -m "Update translation files"
    git push origin

Create a new release#

Translators will take care of translating po files into their languages. When the release manager requests to create a new release, the procedure is the following:

  1. Create a virtualenv with zest.releaser and zest.pocompile installed:

    `which python3.10` -m venv .
    ./bin/pip install zest.releaser zest.pocompile
    source bin/activate
  2. Go to the directory and pull the changes:

    cd src/
    git pull
  3. Verify there is a changelog entry for each change, adding any missing entries if necessary.

  4. Verify there are no errors in the PO files:

        for po in `find . -name "*.po"` ; do msgfmt --no-hash -o `dirname $po`/`basename $po .po`.mo $po; done

    You can ignore the errors 'msgid' and 'msgstr' entries do not both end with '\n'. If there are other errors, please fix them.

  5. Release.

  6. Check that the release is published on PyPI at

  7. Inform the release manager about the new version.

Resync translations in Volto#

In Volto, the GitHub test setup warns a developer when their new contributions require regenerating the translation file. This is done by running a yarn script as follows:

yarn i18n

This will update the PO files and will leave them ready to be translated by translators.

Create a release of Volto with the new translations#

The Volto release process requires running the same yarn script as in the previous step. It will convert the translations in PO files to the JSON files that Volto uses to render the user interface.

yarn i18n