Exceptions raised by plone.api methods.

exception plone.api.exc.CannotGetPortalError[source]#

Raised when the portal object cannot be retrieved.

This normally happens if you are using plone.api bin/instance debug, because debug sessions do not have a request and so the getSite() cannot know which Plone portal you want to get (as there can be multiple Plone sites).

The solution is to use the -O <portal_id> parameter to tell Zope to traverse to a portal, for example bin/instance -O Plone debug.

exception plone.api.exc.GroupNotFoundError[source]#

Raised when a specified or implicit group can not be retrieved.

exception plone.api.exc.InvalidParameterError[source]#

Raised when a parameter is invalid.

exception plone.api.exc.MissingParameterError[source]#

Raised when a parameter is missing.

exception plone.api.exc.PloneApiError[source]#

Base exception class for plone.api errors.

exception plone.api.exc.UserNotFoundError[source]#

Raised when a specified or implicit user can not be retrieved.