Volto is a React-based frontend for the Plone CMS. It is the default frontend starting with the Plone 6 release.

Volto provides an attractive proposition: integration with the modern frontend development world, access to the huge ecosystem of React libraries and addons, combined with the ability to use the mature Plone CMS backend as a development platform.

Thanks to the use of the Plone REST API, it is fully compatible with Plone's content type framework. But its power comes from the innovative Pastanaga editor, which provides a flexible WYSIWYG editing interfaces based on "blocks".

Thanks to their simplicity and easy access to advanced frontend integration, Volto blocks can provide a fast development experience that reduces developer frustration and improves end-user experience.

To start developing a new Volto project you should have minimal React and modern JavaScript knowledge. Follow the Create a project guide to bootstrap a new Volto project and start hacking!