Volto is a React-based frontend for the Plone CMS. It will become the default UI for the upcoming Plone 6 release.

Although it hasn't reached yet full parity with Plone "classic" UI, Volto provides a very attractive proposition to its early adopters: integration with the modern frontend development world, access to the huge ecosystem of React libraries and addons and not least, open Plone as a development platform for non-Plone trained programmers.

Thanks to the use of the Plone API framework, it is fully compatible with Plone's Dexterity content type framework (and even the older Archetypes framework). But its power comes from the innovative Pastanaga Editor, which replaces the typical richtext editing experience provided by the TinyMCE editor with a streamlined Mosaic-like editor based on "blocks".

Thanks to their simplicity and easy access to advanced frontend integration, the Volto blocks can provide a fast development experience that reduces developer frustration and improves end-user experience.

To start developing a new Volto project you should have minimal React and modern JavaScript knowledge. Follow the Getting Started guide to bootstrap a new Volto project and start hacking!